While any landscape can look well maintained, as long as the turf is mowed, and the trees are healthy, simple maintenance may sometimes feel boring. Truly special landscapes are innovative and creative when setting themselves apart from the rest. One way to do this is with the addition of color through flower installation. However, this may seem like a tall task for many, and we agree, it can sometimes be an intensive workload to maintain and rotate a wide variety of plant materials. With that being said, low maintenance, hardy plant material is the name of the game, giving you color year-round, with little to no care needed. For this reason, we will provide some examples of year-round perennials that are easy to grow in your Florida landscape.


One of the most popular, low maintenance, easy to grow perennials in Florida, it only makes sense to begin our list with Lantana. It is pollinator-friendly, so adding this plant will likely also add butterflies and bees. It grows similar to a shrub or ground cover and can be heavily cut back when needed, with no negative ramifications on growth. Doing great in full sun, it is also extremely heat tolerant. Because the leaves are toxic to many pests, they generally won’t be a problem, nor will disease. For an easy-to-grow plant, with a bright year-round color, Lantana is the way to go.


For a tropical-themed option, Hibiscus grabs everything that is Florida and puts it into colorful eye-catching bloom. Individual flowers grow in short spurts, but they come back over and over, all year long. This makes for what is essentially a year-long bloom. Varieties can be found in any size necessary, from low expanding shrubs to vertically growing, tree-like varieties. With the flowers being extremely large, Hibiscus often finds itself the victim of pests, so routine checks will be needed, but the foliage will stay evergreen no matter what, for year-round color.


Although one of the largest species, most roses bloom year-round in Florida, and with the expansive options, you can find the right flower for your specifications, staying in the Rose family. Typically low maintenance, you need to be sure to select a variety that is not high maintenance. “Knock Out” roses are one of the most popular varieties in Florida, as they check all the boxes. They are extremely low maintenance, and more resistant to pests and disease than other types. Make sure to be extra careful, light on pruning, and treatment, as most Roses, will do well on their own.

Blue Daze

Exactly as the name would suggest, this plant produces a bunch of small blue flowers, about an inch in diameter. Growing best in partial shade or full sun, this is an easy-to-grow plant that produces an abundance of color. As with the rest of the plants on our list, it will bloom all year round. It is very heat tolerant, so great for South Florida. Additionally, it grows very low to the ground and acts as an evergreen perennial with the rest of its foliage. If blue is the color for you, check out this plant for low maintenance, year-round bloom.

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