Tree Trimming

Because trees provide such great value to your property, you want to be sure that you keep them looking and performing their best. Over time, as trees grow and mature, they can face certain challenges that make proper tree pruning techniques imperative.

While most people think of tree trimming only in terms of problems-a hanging branch that needs to be cut, for instance-the truth is, regular pruning is also an important proactive measure that can help protect your investment in your trees. Proper pruning involves removing dead, damaged, and diseased branches in order to prevent decay or more widespread problems. It’s a really important step in maintaining your property’s trees.

Proper pruning can also be beneficial in terms of preventing storm damage to trees. There’s no question that we can get quite a few storms with high winds, but a well­pruned tree will be less likely to experience damage or to be uprooted by storms.

Although a lot of companies might say that they offer professional tree trimming services, this is something best left to true tree care experts. That’s because tree trimming is more than just making cuts that make the tree “look better.” There is both an art and a science to this task. Making the wrong cuts can actually lead to irreversible damage.

In order to truly gain peace of mind, leave this task to professionals who will be sure to do it right.

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Started off getting bids for tree trimming. They came in significantly less than everyone else and threw in extras for no charge. They showed up on time and were friendly, fast, professional and cleaned up after themselves. So we hired them to install trees. Same experience, they were awesome. I am going to hire them for whatever services they are willing to offer at this point because it is hard to find a company with their pricing that takes pride in their work. If they did babysitting I would hire them for that too!
Josh Purdin