There are a few pieces of landscape material in Florida that are considered staples of the state. Iconic in the sunshine state, palm trees are not only found on so many properties, the state tree itself is a palm. Trees in general are essential pieces of any commercial landscape, providing structure, privacy, and nutrients. Keeping them healthy is important especially when it comes to your beautiful palm trees. However, palm trees are actually known for being very low maintenance, so health is not hard to come by. The one service that all trees require is pruning. This is the process of removing dead, decayed, or unsightly foliage and limbs in an effort to motivate healthy future growth. For palm trees of all shapes and sizes, we wanted to give you some pruning advice to save you time and money.

Avoid Potential Hazards of Unkempt Trees

The most common problem we encounter as property maintenance specialists are those trees that have been ignored for many years. If trees are left completely unpruned and overgrown, many safety hazards can arise. This is why the foremost reason you have your palm trees pruned is to avoid the safety risk, that can cost you time and money. Falling branches, limbs, or fruit can all be hazardous to passerbys. Opening you up to liability and litigation, the last thing any property owner wants is a lawsuit to deal with. However, unkempt tree branches can also grow into your building, or brush against power lines putting people in real danger. Regular trimming will keep these significant risks at bay, but if you are not trimming at all, you need to be.

Identification and Removal of Disease and Infection

If your trees are not being trimmed as a part of your routine landscape work, they likely are not being inspected. Lack of thorough inspection can be the cause of overlooked pests and disease, which can cause decay and death. Dying limbs and branches are the primary cause of many tree safety hazards, so this should be avoided. The sooner these infections are caught, the quicker they can be eliminated. Saving the health of your tree and quite possibly your visitors, spotting problematic foliage will prevent future investment in more intensive tree services if issues persist too long.

General Tree Health: Improved AestheticPalm Tree Trimming- Service That Save You Time And Money

Not only are trees known to increase property value due to their provision of many amenities, the healthier the trees you have, the higher their value. Active pruning ensures better tree health, removing those areas causing harm, and letting healthy growth replace. Healthier trees are happier trees, and everything from their foliage to their bark will look better. Pruning additionally allows for better airflow, and an increase in sunlight, both valuable nutrients for your tree. More healthy foliage growth will mean improved privacy, and your curb appeal will skyrocket.

Hurricane Response Preparation

Especially in Florida, hurricane season is always a factor when considering our landscape. Tropical storms can come with high winds and severe rainfall, causing problems for your plant material. Trees can be particularly affected, as those with unhealthy roots, or dead limbs may find either a piece or the whole of the tree coming loose. Active pruning in line with other tree maintenance services can keep trees healthy, and remove any decayed material to cause hazards. Confident in the durability of your trees, you can sit comfortably through the worst storms.

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