At Alexander’s, we typically work with large commercial clients, who possess expansive pieces of lawn. It is of great importance to our clients that we keep these lawns lush and green, as they are a centerpiece of the property. This requires a combination of services, as simply mowing is not enough to keep the turf healthy. Any good landscaper knows, everything from irrigation to pest control is essential to keeping nutrients in, and disease out. The last thing you want is to find brown patches popping up throughout your lawn, much too late to prevent them. An essential way of adding much-needed nutrients is by engaging in fertilization treatments. For those who are not well versed in the process, we wanted to go over how to fertilize turf, the right way.

Fertilizer: The Primary ComponentsHow To Fertilize Lawns & Grass The Right Way

To be well educated on the fertilization process, you need to know the three primary components of every lawn fertilizer. Nitrogen is the first ingredient, as it actually accentuates a deeper green color in your turf, and is the most needed nutrient. Phosphorus is a secondary ingredient, assisting in the photosynthesis and root development process. Deeper roots mean healthier turf, as with any plant material. The final nutrient that is present in any lawn fertilizer is Potassium, which is essential for disease prevention. On many lawn fertilizers, there will be a series of three numbers to indicate the presence of these nutrients. For example, “15-15-15” would refer to first Nitrogen, then Phosphorus, and finally Potassium, in that order.

Time of Application

Luckily, living in Florida means warm weather year-round, and the use of fertilizer is beneficial at all times. However, there are a few specific times when applying fertilizer will maximize the potential benefits. The number one rule is to fertilize during a strong growth period, which means spring is an ideal time to fertilize. This also means that early fall is a great time to fertilize, as growth is still strong in October and November, but nutrients can be stored for efficient use during the cooler winter months when growth slows close to dormancy.

Get Specific and Gather Details

Whether you apply lawn fertilizer yourself, or you work with a reputable property management company like Alexander’s, you or your landscaper will need all the specifications of your property to select the proper fertilizer. Size in square footage is important for selecting the proper amount of fertilizer necessary for the treatment. Additionally, the type of turf is another important factor, as turf types from St. Augustine to Zoysia have differing attributes. If you would like to go all the way, a soil test can even be beneficial in terms of nutrient release, as many fertilizers offer slow-release nitrogen, which may even be required by the ordinances of your locale. All of these details matter, so gathering whatever you can for your landscaper will make the job that much easier.

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