Serving HOAs, COAs, and POAs

In our region, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Condominium Owners Associations (COAs), and Property Owners Associations (POAs) thrive. Yet despite this common form of real estate in our area, there are still plenty of landscape maintenance companies that just don’t understand-or cater to-these unique needs.

Unfortunately, that can be a huge mistake.

HOAs, COAs, and POAs have a lot of people to answer to-and when they’re unhappy with their landscape, you’re the one that they’re going to call. They’re paying their fees and they expect a gorgeous property. And frankly, you do too. After all, you might live here as well and want to be able to fully enjoy your yard and the beauty of the community as a whole.

At Alexander’s Property Maintenance, we understand that every little detail does matter when it comes to producing and maintaining beautiful properties. We are committed to getting you the results that you desire and helping you to feel proud of your neighborhood.

Need A Partner For Your HOA?


Lighthouse Pointe Condominium has a large number of palm trees of varying sizes and types. We also have oleanders along the property line. We have used Alexander’s for several years now and they consistently do an excellent job of trimming both the palms and pruning the oleanders. They always remove the clippings and debris and leave the property in tip-top condition. Their workers are always professional and we always get a followup from them. I am always impressed at how well their operation runs, from scheduling to completion.
Ed Marks