Dean Twiggs

First we would like to thank Joey LoPinto for getting the guys here to cut down the bloom spikes in the palm tree!! Joey is doing an amazing job as the site manager!! The guys did a great job. We tried to do it ourselves but we could 0nly reach about 9 of the pieces that needed to be cut down. The guys used a ladder and got all of them for us. Thank you Joey and thanks for a great crew!

John W.

The crew came out in a timely manner and did a great job….please forward my thanks.

Susan S.

The shrubs match the existing landscaping very well. The work was completed very quietly and the clean-up afterward was thorough. Thank you!

Gloria A.

Great Crew and kudos to the Supervisor!

Emery O.

The men did a tremendous job. Thank you very much!

Joanne B.

Wow I have lived here 2006 to present I’m totally impressed They seem to be the best landscapers we have had I guess trial and error with companies Finally we have landscaping company that actually cares and does there job

Joanne B.

Wow Seems this landscaping company really works for us

Bill and Jeanne B.

Joey , Thank you for taking care of this for us . The plantings look so nice. We are happy with all that Alexander’s do in Southshore Falls. The entire area always looks beautiful and well manicured. We have had friends visit us from out of State and they all remark how well taken care of our community looks. Thank you again to all the hard working employees of Alexander’s!

Dave C

Friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. Very pleased with the work done.

Jeffrey H

He asked me about the problem and moved the sprinklers. He was in and out quickly and looks like he did a great job.

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