Lawn Treatments

The look and health of your lawn is also such a vital element to the space as a whole. Your lawn should be the “carpet” of your outdoor space-and that means keeping it thick, green, and thriving.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. You need to choose a company that understands the science behind proper lawn care and utilizes the best lawn treatments to get the results you desire.

At Alexander’s, we get that lawn care is both an art and a science.

Our professional lawn treatments will address key aspects of concern such as lawn fertilization (with granular or liquid products). This will help feed your lawn and provide the nutrients that it needs to perform its best.

In addition, our annual fertilization programs also extend to tree and shrub care. Contrary to popular belief, trees and shrubs are not “self-sustaining,” and often require some extra help in order to continue to look and perform their best. You can include the ongoing fertilization of your trees and shrubs as part of your fertilization plan for a complete and beautiful landscape.

These services will help you get on your way to the gorgeous property you deserve.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Everything looks very nice! Thankyou for always making it all look so lovely again!

—Alison H,