Commercial Property Manager

With commercial property maintenance, we work closely with you to improve your property and maintain its upkeep in order to provide the best possible first impression and curb appeal.

You might think of us as your partners in groundskeeping.

Because landscapes are ever-evolving and changing, it’s important that the property maintenance efforts are also keeping up with these changes. Sometimes that means talking to you about changes to the plan. A landscape is an always-growing, living element and the last thing that you want is a landscape company that is stagnant and unable to adapt their skills to your ever-improving property.

At Alexander’s Property Maintenance, the ongoing care of the properties that we service is an area of expertise and something that we take great pride in. We give each property the time and the attention to detail that it deserves in order to help it be its best.

That means as your landscape evolves with time-plants grow and mature, flowers need to be changed, the weather has various impacts-we are right there, keeping up with those changes and adapting the property maintenance plan in a way that ensures your property continues to look top-notch.

The fact is, we are committed to high-quality work-and it shows. We would love to be your partner in groundskeeping so that we can help nurture and care for your property while taking the worries off of your plate.

Need a partner for your Commercial Property?


Started off getting bids for tree trimming. They came in significantly less than everyone else and threw in extras for no charge. They showed up on time and were friendly, fast, professional and cleaned up after themselves. So we hired them to install trees. Same experience, they were awesome. I am going to hire them for whatever services they are willing to offer at this point because it is hard to find a company with their pricing that takes pride in their work. If they did babysitting I would hire them for that too!
Josh Purdin