Oftentimes, landscaping companies get thrown into one large pile, with the vague idea that they encompass everything green on your property. While this is not incorrect, various types of landscaping services differ. There is design build, residential, maintenance, irrigation, and many more core services landscaping companies can offer. At Alexander’s we specialize in commercial property maintenance. Essentially, this means we manage every aspect of your landscaping needs on your commercial property, with skilled technicians capable of performing all of your tasks. This allows you to keep all of your property maintenance needs in one place, not needing to deal with multiple vendors, and complicated relationships. You may not know exactly what services your property needs, but we just wanted to go over all the aspects of commercial property maintenance, so you can better understand it’s true meaning.

Lawn Care

The core of property maintenance, we manage all of your mowing, fertilization, weed control and other lawn care needs. Keeping the lawn on your commercial property lush and green is our top priority, as it is so important to the value and impression of your property. Not only do we proactively care for your lawn, we also offer pest control services, taking care of both pests and disease should they encroach on your property.

Landscape Installation and Maintenance

Green material is our specialty, and a big part of commercial property maintenance. We perform annual flower rotations, helping you select the varieties and colors that best suit your property. Our horticultural knowledge and experience is well known, and we assist you in creating unique designs that once again suit the needs of your property. We also maintain these selections, keeping them healthy and beautiful long term. Additionally, we also offer sweeping services for your concrete surfaces, keeping them clean.

Tree Services

Your commercial property has trees, and they need to be maintained. Although often overlooked, trees require routine maintenance, from trimming to treatments. Your property maintenance provider should also offer removal services, should you encounter a dead tree. We also provide a variety of treatments should your trees take on pests or disease. Our goal is to be completely full service, satisfying every need on your property.


A big part of lawn care, we both install and maintain the latest and greatest in irrigation technology. Water is a must to keep your lawn healthy, and through routine check ups and adjustments, we can save you money on your water bill and increase efficiency. If you want your commercial property to shine, irrigation is a must.

As you can see, we offer a wide range of services, separating us from a typical landscaping company. That is the core difference between a landscaping company, and a commercial property maintenance company. If your property needs it, we can do it.

Alexander’s Property Maintenance is a full-service commercial landscape company serving commercial properties in West Central Florida. We focus on quality, consistency, and reliability for all our clients. We do it right the first time. Check out our website to see what we have to offer or to contact us for an estimate. Give us a call at the number listed on our website most relevant to your location.

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