This Florida summer has been as hot as ever, and we all know with the summer heat comes a need for irrigation on your commercial property. However, because of the tropical climate here in Florida, irrigation is pretty much necessary all year round, and the intensity of summer only changes certain frequencies and maintenance practices. Obviously, keeping up on these changes is essential to keeping your lawn lush and green, and a key part of the irrigation process. Effectively managing your water has more than just aesthetic benefits as well. Most commercial properties overwater, and water can be a big toll on the pockets of property managers and owners alike. Using these smart water management practices, especially in the summer sun, you can increase efficiency and profits. 

Have Your System Inspected

The first thing to do to manage the foundation of your irrigation, is to have the system inspected. Checking for faulty valves, controllers, and water coverage will prevent current problems from compounding, and future problems from arising. Checking up on your system not once, but routinely is key to make sure that no matter the time of year, things are always running smoothly. Being quick to solve problems prevents overwatering, underwatering, and extra expense created from more costly repairs found over time.

Keep Tabs on the Weather

One thing about the tropical climate in Florida is the onset of not only heat, but rain. Your property’s lawn only needs about an inch to an inch and a half of water per week, and almost any tropical storm is going to meet that mark. Installation of a rain gauge that can let you know how much rain has fallen, so you can manually adjust your system, is one way to go about it. For more exact management, and a larger investment, you are going to want a rain shut off device, that will shut off your system automatically. Last but not least, just pay attention to your local weather reports, so you have an idea what is coming. 

Summer Water Management

Pay Attention to Your Lawn

Your lawn itself will be a large indicator that your watering techniques are working. If brown patches begin to appear, you may be underwatering, or have other underlying issues. On the other hand, if your soil is loosening up, you may be overwatering. Brown patches in your lawn may also indicate pests or disease, so make sure you rule those out as causes.

Irrigation Timing

One big thing in the summer is the time of day you water your lawn. Various Florida counties and municipalities have ordinances surrounding this, so make sure to check those out for your local area. However, try to have your system water in the early hours of the morning, from 6 to 10 am. This way, the least amount of water is lost to evaporation, and the maximal amount is able to soak into the soil. 

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