Every day you drive by thousands of landscapes, so unimpressed, you do not even notice them. There are certain standards that can easily be met on any landscape, such as adequately cut grass and a relatively clean appearance. These may constitute a well-maintained landscape to some, but there are certain elements that make commercial properties pop. In particular, we often work with large residential complexes, wherein it is important to stand out from the rest, attract new tenants, and retain current ones. This can be done in a variety of ways, through the installation of landscape enhancements. However, the most straightforward way to improve your property is by adding color to your landscaping. New flowers make your property feel alive, just like old, decaying flowers make the property feel dead. We specialize in the installation of plant material, and we will go over everything you need to know to keep color through the end of summer.

Benefits of Adding Color to Your Landscaping

Even in Florida, different types of plants grow and bloom in different seasons of the year. Part of installing new plants is keeping a consistent rotation season by season, so your property is never without some healthy color. Annuals are meant to be planted each season, allowing you to change up your design, and keep your landscape fresh. On the other hand, perennials are lower maintenance and can be left all year round, blooming for part of the year, and acting as greenery for the rest. Having consistent color in healthy flower beds is a great amenity for your property. Your tenants will view it as a worthwhile investment, and the curb appeal of your landscape will increase. It will directly impact the value of your property, as a well-put-together landscape is sure to do.

Annuals versus PerennialsA group of flowers for adding color to your landscaping

As aforementioned, annuals are the seasonal flowers that you have installed at various times of the year. Consistently engaging in “annual flower rotation”, is the practice of constantly keeping a fresh selection of annuals in your beds, with a current bloom always in view. This is the most high maintenance option but will result in the best look. Perennial flowers are much lower maintenance, as they can be left in your beds year-round. An ideal landscaping contract would utilize both of these types of flowers, for the best-looking landscape. It is always good to have some consistent color, with touches of eye-catching annuals, blooming for all to see. Both great options for adding color to your landscaping.

Installation Ideas

There is never a bad place to add flowers on your Florida property, and on a commercial property, this rings even truer. Ensuring that there is the color to be found from corner to corner allows for a wholesome feeling, with flowers never far away. While mulched flower beds look fantastic, do not limit your planting to just these areas. Many flowers look and grow great in containers, and can be placed on patios. You can even line your hardscapes for more symmetry and structure within your property. Be creative and bold as you spice up your landscape.

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