There are few things more aggravating to find in your lawn than weeds. They can sometimes look just like turf, and go unchecked until they have done severe damage. Because the tropical conditions of Florida are great for desirable plant material, they must also be great for those invasive species as well. This makes weeds tough to combat, and a common issue for Florida property owners. In this blog, we will discuss some tips for removal and prevention, and general advice for any weed problem.

Keeping Weeds Out: Preventative Maintenance

In an ideal world, you never deal with a weed because one never pops up in your landscape. While this is probably impossible, many of the properties with the worst weed issues are poorly maintained. Landscapes that are comprehensively taken care of, and most importantly healthy will be well defended against invasion. This means active lawn care efforts, increasing mowing heights, applying fertilizer, and giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Mulching around plant beds can also keep weeds out of those sensitive areas and away from your flowers. Turf that is malnourished will be most susceptible to invasion, as well as turf that is overwatered or burnt.

Removal Options: Chemical ControlWeed Removal Tips And Advice

At the first sight of weeds, many landscaping companies will immediately recommend you apply an herbicide to kill them off. These herbicides will prevent the germination process, which will keep weeds from spreading. However, they must be applied in conservative dosages, or else you run the risk of harm to your turf. It also entirely depends on the variety of weeds, whether it be broadleaf or grassy, and then the specific species. Make sure you consult your landscaping company if you are thinking about using a chemical control option, as it might not be the most prudent decision.

Natural Remedy: Boiling Water and Vinegar

One of our favorite ways to get rid of weeds outside of using an herbicide is to boil some water and pour it all over the weeds in question. This works especially well if they are growing in between the cracks in your pavement, or around your edging. However, it works equally as well when poured onto your actual lawn or garden bed. Furthermore, a vinegar mixture can be used the same way as a less extreme measure. The only drawback is that this mixture needs to be applied multiple times to achieve the desired result. 

Hand Removal for Small InfestationsWeed Removal Tips And Advice

If your need for weed removal is less extreme, and you just want to hand-pull a few weeds, there are some best practices. Obviously, you want to grab from the bottom and slowly tug until you pull out as much root as possible. You will want some gloves, and maybe some knee pads if you want to avoid soreness. Weeding tools can also help, but loosening the soil around the weed will also make the root more accessible. Make sure to store these weeds in a separate bag that heads straight for the trash. No need to allow for more germination!

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