As we serve a wide range of property types, we have gotten to experience relationships with property owners that have varying goals. Namely, commercial property owners are very concerned with how their landscaping will affect their business. This is understandable as the bottom line drives just about everything in any economy. Our goal as a property maintenance company is to enable the most profit possible for our customers by providing beautiful landscapes that customers enjoy. The profile of these customers could be anything from retail shoppers to prospective tenants of a residential complex. In any case, the goal is the same, so in this blog, we will go over some commercial landscaping tips for attracting more customers.

Keep On Top of Comprehensive Maintenance

Before we even get to the additions to your landscape that might be helpful for attracting customers, we must note that maintenance is just as important. And, there is no particular part of your landscape that should rise above the others. For example, lawn care needs to be prioritized to keep your grass green. This means active mowing at an increased height, as well as fertilization and routine inspections for potential problems. Additionally, you cannot ignore your plant material, especially the larger pieces like shrubs and trees. Keeping these trimmed will present a more uniform and professional look that customers will appreciate. Before thinking about enhancement, make sure maintenance is in check.

Sweeping Services for a Clean Parking Lot

If you pulled up to a commercial property, and the parking lot was filled with debris and trash you are unlikely to spend any money there. Now, imagine this is an apartment complex or HOA clubhouse for a place you may consider living. Poor parking lot maintenance can be a big turn off, and sweeping services are the best way to get rid of this issue. Additionally, with Alexander’s, you can avoid having to find another vendor for your parking lot clean up because we can perform this service in house.

Beautiful Landscape Enhancements

Now that we have moved past some of the maintenance items on this list, we can move to the fun stuff. Landscaping enhancements are anything that you install on your property on top of the existing infrastructure. This could include any plant material you install such as annuals and perennials. These are obviously important, and annual flowers should be rotated to give customers fresh color to enjoy. Hardscapes are another great example, as patios can be a great installation giving customers a reason to intermingle outdoors. Anything that adds to the originality and uniqueness of your property will be helpful.

Work with a Professional

Our single most important tip for attracting more customers with your commercial landscaping is that you should work with a professional. There is nothing that beats the pristine look that your property will give off when professionally maintained. You are sure to attract more customers, and gain more new business.

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