Any type of commercial property that exists to make money needs to utilize its landscape to attract business. Examples of this are easy to find, office parks looking for tenants, HOAs vying for home buyers, and resorts trying to appeal to guests. While maintenance is crucial to keeping the property orderly, enhancements that update the landscape keep it fresh. When profit is the motive, and beating out the competition is the goal, every little leg up matters. 

With the prominence of Florida resorts, this is the commercial property we will be discussing. Resorts need to drive in new customers, as well as to keep them coming back after their initial stay. Here are a few ways this can be accomplished.

Ways To Keep Customers Returning To Your Resort - Sweeping ServicesPrioritize Cleanliness: Sweeping Services

One surefire way to keep customers coming back is by making sure their experience is positive from the moment they exit their vehicle. For a resort, this may be a parking lot, or the in-house roads leading to and from locations within the greater property. Many low-end resorts overlook this aspect of their property maintenance, and this is a mistake. Ensuring that the parking lot and roads are clean with sweeping services will give off a great first impression. This is the first step to locking in a repeat customer. 

Routine Lawn Maintenance for Healthy Turf

Another great way to make guests feel good about their resort stay is by keeping the grass green and healthy. This is only achieved if maintenance is kept on top of and performed properly. Lawn care is much more than mowing, which is a common misconception. Mowing must be done, yes, but fertilization and pest control keep nutrients in and lawn predators out. Routine inspections to look out for disease and weeds will keep you on top of problems before they arise. Installation of an irrigation system is another worthwhile investment, as many commercial properties are guilty of losing money by overwatering. Healthy turf is a must-have amenity, wherever it may be.


Landscape Enhancements: Keep it Exciting

As we mentioned in the introduction, landscape enhancements are necessary to keep the property exciting. The staples are straightforward, make sure you have beautiful plant material, and occasionally rotate annuals to keep color fresh. Shrubs and trees are great investments for privacy, which guests are sure to love. Just be creative and use our next piece of advice to maximize results. 

Work with a Professional

For all of the advice, we have provided we highly recommend working with a landscaping or property maintenance professional to get it done. None of it will have any positive effect if the quality of work is not high, and we know that our team at Alexander’s can get it done. If you want to keep customers coming back, work with Alexander’s.

Alexander’s Property Maintenance is a full-service commercial landscape company serving commercial properties in West Central Florida. We focus on quality, consistency, and reliability for all our clients. We do it right the first time. Check out our website to see what we have to offer or to contact us for an estimate. Give us a call at the number listed on our website most relevant to your location.


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