At Alexander’s, we specialize in tree care for many of our commercial properties and often find them to be overlooked. Trees are a staple piece of every landscape, providing shape and structure to the aesthetics of your property. Keeping them healthy is also imperative to the safety of your property, as mature trees can have limbs decay or even die. Overall, you should care about the trees on your property, and ensure that they are properly taken care of. We wanted to put together a comprehensive guide on everything tree, so you can fully understand the nuances of tree installation, care, and maintenance. Your landscape will thank you as you begin to emphasize the importance of trees.

Benefits of Trees on your Commercial Property

Trees are one of the largest pieces of plant material you will find on any property and are usually indicative of a high-end property. They provide many benefits, from shade to the privacy they naturally create. They are also notorious for increasing property value, which every property owner loves. Healthy trees can also have very pretty blooms, helping your landscape look and feel better. Not to mention how trees contribute to sustainability and the environment. Your trees support wildlife, our climate, and improve the quality of the air you breathe. The healthier your trees are, the more amplified these benefits will be.

Tree Selection and Installation

When designing your landscape, your goals should be for it to be functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Different species of trees will have different blooms, and grow to various sizes. You should also consider using trees native to your area, as they are naturally suited for the environment, and require less maintenance. You also need to consider how they will affect sightlines on your landscape, and if they are increasing or decreasing your levels of privacy. Understand the commitment you are making when installing trees in your landscape and their maintenance needs.

Importance of Trees

Maintaining the Trees on your Commercial Property

Now, it is very likely that you already have many trees on your property, with varying levels of health. We just wanted to do a quick rundown on the services you should be utilized to maximize the value of your trees. For general upkeep, you should have your trees routinely trimmed, as proper pruning is what keeps your trees looking good year-round. Removing dead or decaying branches prevents problems before they spread. If your tree is not native to the area, you may also want to give it a nutrient boost with some fertilization. Furthermore, if your tree does take on some pests, you are going to need some curative pest control treatments. Worst case scenario, you can use our tree removal and stump removal services to take out your dead tree altogether.

Arboriculture Consulting

When you are taking a look at installing or maintaining trees on your commercial property, you should consult professionals. Unlike many property maintenance companies, we have a strong background in tree care and are well equipped to fulfill your arbor care needs. Take the weight off your shoulders, and let Alexander’s take over. 

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