As we are now in the middle of June, hurricane season is in full effect, and in Florida, you can never be too careful. Severe storms are a great risk to not only the health and safety of Florida residents, but the health and safety of their landscapes. As a property maintenance company, we are always looking out for our clients, and potential clients properties. Preparing for hurricane season includes a lot of unknowns, as a storm could brew at any time. However, just by taking precautionary measures, you can ensure the health of your property. If severe weather makes its way into your area, we want to minimize the damage, so you can enjoy your property. Here are a few simple tips for preparing your property for hurricane season

Have your Trees and Shrubs Inspected

One of the most prevalent risks when hurricanes bring about strong winds, is dead or decaying limbs flying off of your plant material. If your shrub or tree already possesses some sort of issue, they are going to be at risk. If you would like to avoid this, either inspect, or have your commercial landscaping company take a look at your trees and shrubs, looking out for pests, disease, or decay. On top of the wind, the rainfall can bring flooding, which leads to loosened soil, and loose roots. This creates the possibility of your tree or shrub flying away completely, ripping out of the ground. Prevent the possibility with one inspection.

Preparing Your Property

Drainage Solutions

Another great way to minimize the risk of flooding is to ensure that your property is set up to drain properly. If you have debris clogging up your storm drains, you increase the risk of flooding, and standing water on your property. This runoff can be destructive, and dirty. Furthermore, have your gutters looked at, and make sure they are cleaned. Avoid flooding on your property at all costs. 

Consider Loose Items

In the case of incoming severe weather, you do not want any loose items lying around to turn projectile. If you have anything on your property that is just laying around, or is not held to the ground, such as a bench, or children’s playset, take proper measures to stake them down, and bring them inside. Items such as potted plants on patios should also be put inside, as these items can cause damage when the wind throws them around.

Reduced Irrigation

At Alexander’s we work with a lot of irrigation systems, and we would motivate our customers to turn their irrigation systems off during inclement weather. Your property will likely be overwatered from the severe amount of rainwater, and may hurt your soil. Adding in an artificial source of water to the mix, may not be the best. We like to keep our plant material firm in the ground, not flying due to loosened soil.

Stay Up to Date

If you are responsible for the landscape of a commercial property, you should be well aware of when a hurricane is coming. Utilize a weather app, or some other instant notification system, to always know when you need to use our tips to prepare your property. 

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