As we talk about all the time, as an HOA, you have to innovate. Knowing the 2021 HOA landscaping tends latest and greatest in the landscaping industry is the next step in taking your neighborhood from average, to the HOA everybody strives to be a part of. With a weird year behind us in 2020, the green industry as a whole is looking in new directions. The trends are in, and we wanted to make sure that you stay completely up to date. Staying competitive is key to attracting new residents, and providing an environment where they feel their family can comfortably live and grow is the icing on the cake. Here are the 2021 HOA landscaping trends.

Outdoor Communal Spaces

Even if all your neighborhood has to work with is a clubhouse or a pool, never underestimate the power of community. Installing a new hardscape, fire pit, or seating area where people can gather, interact and communicate brings your HOA together. It also increases the property value of your resident’s homes, not to mention the general sense of togetherness. You can even incorporate areas in which your residents can feel safe if they are more conscious of the COVID-19 virus. Socially distanced seating is an easy way to accommodate, without forcing anything upon anyone.

Sustainable Landscaping Initiatives

We are at a pivotal point when it comes to the health of our planet’s ecosystem, so it is more than popular to assist in the fight. Your residents will appreciate the effort and see that your HOA is climate-friendly. You can do this by using native plant material, especially plants that support wildlife, from birds to butterflies. Additionally, properly using space in the most efficient manner possible can create lower maintenance, more sustainable landscape. Decrease cost and maintenance needs when you use pots and planters, rooftop gardens, or even community gardens. Any way you can contribute to the environment in a healthy way is going to be a great look for your HOA.


When it comes to 2021 HOA landscaping trends and installation, simplicity is all the rage. With the virus taking a toll on the pocketbooks of many organizations, many properties are looking to implement and upgrade without breaking the bank. Using functional yet aesthetically pleasing pieces of the landscape is the key to staying competitive in the current real estate market. Work with your landscaper to implement simple pieces of landscaping such as potted plants, shrubs, or even a jogging path. Think about the way your property flows. Installing plants on the sides of walkways to direct traffic, look good, and keep people off your turf. Ideas such as this one, with multiple functions, are the way to go.

Hire a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company

If your HOA does not already employ a commercial landscaper, you are missing the ball. One of the staples of any nice neighborhood in Florida is seeing uniformed men and decaled trucks professionally maintaining your property. This gives off an impression of care, and the results can be seen as your neighborhood looks and feels better every day.

No matter the plant you choose, do not hesitate to contact Alexander’s as you install. Alexander’s Property Maintenance is a full-service commercial landscape company serving commercial properties in West Central Florida. We focus on quality, consistency, and reliability for all our clients. We do it right the first time. Check out our website to see what we have to offer or to contact us for an estimate. Give us a call at the number listed on our website most relevant to your location.

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