With the unique tropical climate experienced in Florida, there are many turfgrass options for property owners to choose from. Depending on desire and preference, there are varieties from Bermuda to Zoysia. Industry experts in Florida are always looking for the optimal turfgrass in order to maintain healthy color for longer, with less maintenance. In terms of the most popular varieties at this point in time, there are a few near the top of the list. At Alexander’s, we primarily focus on our three favorites, Bahia, Pro Vista, and St. Augustine respectively. These are all classic Florida turfgrasses, and make great choices for your commercial property. Weighing the many qualities we expect from a quality turfgrass, we will answer the question, “Is this the best grass in Florida?”

BahiagrassIs This The Best Grass For Florida?

Initially introduced to the southeastern United States from Brazil, Bahia was commonly used as a pasture grass. This is because it is known to be very low maintenance, and does well without a lot of water. Great for Florida properties, this makes irrigation that much easier. Although it is a warm-season grass, it does not grow as densely, or as carpet-like as other varieties. It forms a deep root system, which enables its survival no matter the conditions. During times of severe drought, it will go into a self-induced dormancy, turning brown until conditions are better for regrowth. It should never be planted in the shade, doing best in the full sun. Another benefit is the ability for it to be established at any point during the year, and should be fertilized in accordance with local regulation. However, the team at Alexander’s is very familiar with Bahia and will have no problems growing it healthily on your commercial property.

ProVista: Genetically Enhanced

Although we will focus on St. Augustine as a whole variety of turfgrass in the next section, ProVista is a genetically modified variant that is glyphosate-tolerant. The implication is that ProVista cannot be harmed by commonly used herbicides like Roundup and Farmworks, where glyphosate is the active ingredient. It grows best in partial shade, but will also do fine in the full sun. It is also very cost-effective, with a slower growth rate requiring less frequent mowing. Only requiring mowing every other week, can drastically lower your maintenance costs over the long term. The turf is even genetically modified to be greener when fertilized less in comparison to other St. Augustine varieties. As a great option for your property, our technicians are more than capable of renovating your lawn.

St. Augustine Turfgrass

Likely the most classic Florida turfgrass option, any common variety of St. Augustine will be a well-rounded turfgrass for your lawn. It produces a greenish-blue color that can survive healthily in a myriad of climates and regions. It is both salt and shade tolerant and can be found in both seed and sod options. Planting can be done year-round, but for best results stick from late fall to early spring. It will need initial irrigation and fertilization, in order to enable horizontal root growth, and thus spread. You can never go wrong with St. Augustine, but it is hard to say if it is the “best grass in Florida”, with so many great options.

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