Right in line with a thought process we often find among those hesitant to engage in property maintenance services, or who do not value their landscape, many do not realize there is more to lawn care beyond mowing. Nobody will combat the idea that a well-trimmed lawn looks great, or that it is not a great step in the right direction, but anyone can do it. In the commercial property management industry, manicuring a well-maintained look for your landscape is extremely important. It is the first impression of your property, and your lawn even more so. Ensuring that your lawn is lush and green is vital to the way visitors and tenants feel about your property. Death and decay look horrible, so you should be focused on utilizing everything in your toolbag to supplement the health of your lawn. It goes beyond mowing, here are the lawn care services you need to consider.

Fertilization- Important Lawn Care Service

While your lawn gathers many of its necessary nutrients on its own, such as sunlight, rainwater, and the like, it does not always receive an adequate amount. Your lawn also faces the potential for pests and disease, which it must fight off. A great way to keep your lawn in peak shape, able to deal with whatever problems present themselves is to feed it. When you fertilize your lawn, you give it essential nutrients in a direct format, taking out the guesswork. You can utilize both granular or liquid treatments with Alexander’s, depending on the needs of your lawn. We specialize in the exact science behind your lawn care, always staying exact. While we’re on the topic, do not forget, your trees and shrubs can also use routine fertilization.

Pest Controlwomen spraying for pest control

A common misconception about lawn pest control is that it is only needed when an issue arises. The truth is, with preventive practices, you can prevent problems from occurring in the first place. We perform weekly lawn checks to ensure that none of the many Florida lawn pests: grubs, chinch bugs, etc, are creeping through your turf. The earlier we catch these pests, the quicker they can be stamped out. Additionally, all of our technicians are Certified Pest Control Operators, so you know your treatments are thorough. We like to refer to this as “blanket protection”, ensuring long-term prevention.


If there is one thing that is widely known about Florida, it is that it sure gets hot. The consistent sun produces immense amounts of heat, especially in the summer months, which can have a brutal impact on your lawns. Everyone knows that lawns need to be watered, but this can be a tough task on an expansive commercial property. An easy solution is to install a sprinkler system. While this may seem expensive, it is a must and can save you more money than you think. Many commercial properties are overwatered, so by having your system installed and maintained by Alexander’s, you can utilize the optimal amount of water needed to keep your lawn healthy.

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