As a commercial property management company, we provide a myriad of services to our clients. From landscape maintenance to irrigation services, property managers must manage not only their property but their relationships with various vendors who provide differing services. This can become problematic, as some vendors are of a higher quality than others. In an ideal world, a property owner or manager should be able to centralize their property management in one place. At Alexander’s, we provide everything a property needs, including a unique service that many do not. We provide parking lot and street sweeping services, to keep your concrete clean. These services are offered by us, not sub-contracted. This way you can be sure that you are getting the same high quality you find in all of our landscaping services. Here are four benefits to our sweeping services, and why you should consider them.

Parking Lots Are an Amenity

Although extremely underrated, your visitors, residents, and tenants alike will inevitably spend a significant amount of time getting in and out of their cars in your parking lot. This area is going to leave an impression on them, whether it is nice or not. With professional sweeping services, you can ensure that this impression is positive, and their first step onto your property is met with a shining lot. A nice parking lot will demand higher prices, an increase in property value, and compliments from those who see it. It is simply an important piece of your overall property management.

Keeps Your Property Safe

As someone who is in charge of the management of a property, residential or commercial, you want everyone who enters it to feel safe and secure. Many of the debris that is found thrown out and about on streets and in parking lots can be very dangerous. Empty cans or other sharp objects can be dangerous to children and adults alike. No matter what, when your concrete area is swept, you will find it safer than before. All it takes is a few loose beer cans or a stray needle for someone to say no to your property forever. This debris is well outside your control, but you can certainly clean it.

Decreased Liability with Sweeping Services

Another great example of how the removal of dangerous objects from your streets and parking lots is beneficial, your tires sure do not like a loose nail or screw. Not only will you make your parking lots safer for people, but for the motor vehicles that reside in them. Simply put, with less debris, trash, and rocks on your streets, the odds of an issue arising due to damage to an individual’s property, lower drastically.

Increase Landscape Sustainability

You may not realize it, but the huge combination of gross debris that can make its way onto your concrete can negatively impact the local environment. Mammals may consume toxic material, and water run-off can pick up toxic material on its way to a local water source. Save people and animals by engaging in sweeping services.

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