Every piece of plant material needs an abundance of nutrients to grow. The more of these nutrients, the healthier the plant. This is why we so often engage in fertilization, which directly adds nutrients into the areas where plants need them. The right amount of nutrients are not always present, which means it is on you and your landscaper to get your plants the nutrients they need. Another nutrient that is necessary in every landscape is water. Each and every plant requires an adequate amount of water to remain healthy, lest it die. Turf is no different, which is why irrigation systems are so often utilized on larger properties to disperse water into their lawns. It is in your best interest to extend the life of this system, as when taken care of properly, modern irrigation systems can service your property for many years.

How To Prolong Irrigation System LifeHow Long Should Your System Last?

In order to accurately discuss irrigation system maintenance, we must first understand how long your system should last. Your irrigation system should function properly for an average of 20 years if use is normal, and maintenance is routine. However, we are sure in that time period there will be technological advancements, and an upgrade would likely make sense. With that being said, our goal in this blog is to provide the way in which you can get maximum efficiency for the longest time period.

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

The most straightforward way to keep your irrigation system up and running is through routine maintenance. This is primarily done through checkups on a monthly basis, making sure that no major repairs are needed. Inspections will also be done on valves and sprinkler heads to ensure proper coverage and spraying capacity. Many property owners lose out on money, and their turf loses out on nutrients when they overwater. This happens when sprinklers are spraying water onto non-green areas, like sidewalks or patios. Routine maintenance keeps everything nice and orderly month to month.

Winterization: Turn it Off When Temperatures Drop

Another extremely important best practice is to both shut off, and have your irrigation system winterized when temperatures begin to drop. Although in South Florida our weather is generally warm, we might get the occasional chill, which is a good time to shut off your system. If temperatures are projected to drop significantly, you may want to blow all the excess water out of your system before you shut it off. This is a niche piece of maintenance advice that may not always be necessary, but it certainly rings true.

Make Major Repairs When RequiredHow To Prolong Irrigation System Life

If you have invested capital into a high tech irrigation system, you are probably willing to shell out a smaller amount of money to make repairs, rather than full on replacement. Our advice is to do it. Making repairs when they are needed will save you money long term, and avoid the time consuming process of a new installation. Nozzles and sprinkler heads can both wear out, and your landscaper should catch decay when they perform their routine maintenance.

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