We are a commercial property maintenance company, which encompasses a wide variety of property maintenance services. Everything from landscape installation to hardscape sweeping composes the comprehensive care we provide our clients. However it is safe to say that the primary focus of many of our customers is to improve their lawn. We have been focusing on lawn care this month with our educational content, and this blog is no different. Great looking lawns are lush and green, which can be tough to achieve in the heat of summer in Florida. Warm temperatures make for drought conditions, as well as a wonderful climate for the survival of pests and weeds. Do not worry though, we have all the answers for you. Here is how to have lush green grass on your commercial property this summer.

Fertilization: Nutrient Necessity

The primary drivers of healthy growth in your lawn are the nutrients that power the chemical processes within your turf plants. Lawn fertilizer typically contains three of these components; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each individually acts to improve the health of your turf, working in a differing capacity from one another. Nitrogen increases chlorophyll production which deepens the color of your blades of grass. Phosphorus acts as an energy storage for other chemical processes, and improves the efficiency of energy transfer. Potassium focuses on long term root development, which is vital for the long term health of your turf. Ensuring that you fertilize on a yearly basis will keep your lawn healthy consistently, year in and year out.

Pest Control: Pre and Post-Emergent

At Alexander’s we protoize pest control as we believe it is an important part of commercial lawn maintenance. Many other maintenance companies do not provide it in house, offering alternative solutions. We employ certified pest control operators who have been extensively trained on how to identify and eradicate Florida lawn pests. Focusing on long term prevention means using pre-emergent treatments to keep pests out, and post-emergent control options to remove those pests that find their way in. Combining the two makes for a comprehensive pest control solution that any commercial property manager should be taking advantage of.

Irrigation: Efficient Water Distribution

As we previously discussed the nutrients that your lawn needs, we specifically overlooked one important nutrient. Your turf needs water to survive, especially in the heat. Commercial lawns are typically very large which makes the idea of hand watering rather impractical. The better option is to utilize a smart irrigation system installed by Alexander’s which can take into account weather data and conditions to disperse the proper amount of water. It can also be automated so you do not have to manually operate. It is more than likely that installing an irrigation system will save you time and money.

Hire a Professional Lawn Care Provider

For a surefire way to ensure that your lawn is lush and green all summer long, work with our team at Alexander’s. We have extensive experience with commercial lawn care, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our quality assurance programs ensure that work is done well, and you are happy with the results.

Alexander’s Property Maintenance is a full-service commercial landscape company serving commercial properties in West Central Florida. We focus on quality, consistency, and reliability for all our clients. We do it right the first time. Check out our website to see what we have to offer or to contact us for an estimate. Give us a call at the number listed on our website most relevant to your location.



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