As a commercial property maintenance provider, one of our primary goals as a company is to make the commercial landscapes of our clients more attractive to potential buyers. These could be new tenants, buyers of retail products, or home buyers looking into an HOA. The common theme is that the landscape itself needs to be an amenity that these individuals value, wanting to spend their hard-earned money on your property. This means that the landscape must be both well-maintained and exciting. One of the easiest ways to do this is with annual color rotation. Perennial flowers require a full year of being planted to bloom for a season, whereas annuals go through their full life cycle in one season, ready for replacement. There are many benefits to leveraging annuals within your landscape, and we will also discuss a few ways to do this with hanging baskets and color rotation.

Benefits of Annual Flower Rotation

While we have already mentioned a few benefits of annual color rotation, they cannot be overstated. The curb appeal of your property is vital to driving in revenue for your business model, and a bland property will not do. It is essentially the standard here in Florida that your property holds some level of color, so it might as well be annuals. The installation will not only drive up property value but adds an amenity that your clientele will value as well. Utilizing native annuals can add unique benefits, as they will be sustainable and require less maintenance. Many varieties will also attract local pollinators like bees and butterflies, which can liven up the feel of your property.

Hanging Baskets Color Rotation

Simple Solutions: Hanging Baskets and Containers

A primary misconception within the world of landscaping is that you as the client need to invest in a plant bed if you want to display beautiful flowers. Do not get us wrong, it would be great for your property to possess an immense plant bed full of gorgeous annuals, but this is a cost-intensive solution. If you are looking to avoid breaking the bank, hanging baskets can be a great option. Annuals will do just fine if put in their preferred level of sun, and you can hang them up in an entryway, near a clubhouse, or a property entrance. Additionally, containers can be used in an identical fashion, just on the ground. Imagine lined walkways and patios, or even atop some outdoor tables. These will cost you significantly less than a landscape installation, but still look great.

Hanging Baskets Color Rotation

Yearly Maintenance of Annuals

Unlike perennials, annuals are less plug-and-play. They must be maintained at their inception to maximize the bloom, and it goes without saying that they need to be replaced routinely. Not only does working with Alexander’s give you access to creative design options, but you also get the deep horticultural knowledge of our experienced team. We will know the specifics of each variety, from inches of water each day, to fertilization that motivates initial growth. For a commercial landscape maintenance partner that you can trust with your annuals, give us a call.

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