Have you ever wondered, what is the big deal about trees? Okay, maybe not, but they sure are important. They create a large chunk of the air we breathe and contribute to the health of the local environment. When it comes to your landscape itself, they add to the aesthetics on top of their functionality. Trees provide structure and symmetry in your landscape, as well as privacy to keep away prying eyes or criminal activity. If you have ever been to Florida, you know well that there is one type of tree more iconic than all the others. The state tree of Florida is a palm, and you might find them lining beaches and residential properties alike. You might wonder what all the hype is about, which is what we are going to discuss today. This is why palm trees are so popular.

Heat Tolerance

First and foremost, it can get hot down here in Florida. This means that oftentimes when we select plant material we must prioritize heat hardiness. Because most palm tree varieties originated in the desert, they are native to a dry, hot climate. Even palm trees that may not be as heat tolerant still require less landscape maintenance than other tree types to keep up and stay healthy. Choosing native plant material is always a great idea for your landscape, and palm trees are that sustainable option for Florida.

Palm Trees... Why They Are So Popular

Much Needed Shade

Although many trees tend to provide shade, it is hard to beat the shade provided by the fanned-out leaves of a palm tree. Within this section, we must also note the beauty of palm trees that they surely add to any landscape. Nothing like sipping a cold lemonade under a large palm tree, protected from the summer sun!

Sustainable and Low Maintenance

We touched on this a little bit in our section on heat tolerance, but one of the biggest benefits of palm trees is their native nature. As they are native to the local area, they require significantly less maintenance in an environment that they are already accustomed to. Beyond initial fertilization and watering after installation, they will need to be routinely trimmed. If there is active rain in your area, you should be okay without watering your palm beyond installation. They are also resistant to most diseases and pests, so this should be a lessened worry. Overall, palm trees make a great investment for a Florida landscape, and both you and the tree should feel right at home.

Find Out if a Palm Tree is Right For You

At Alexander’s, our arboriculture consulting is a primary service. Our arbor care technicians are some of the best in the state, with certifications and training to back it up. This means that from installation to maintenance we have you covered. If you are interested in installing a palm, we can consult you on all the varieties available, and the maintenance required. If you need a palm maintained on your property our team will keep it happy and healthy. Whether it be trimming, treatments, or even removal, our tree care team is ready to help.

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