Boosting Curb Appeal in your HOA

In this competitive real estate market, HOA’s are constantly vying for the attention of potential new residents, and trying to attract homebuyers. Now, obviously there are many factors that play into the attractiveness of an HOA, from location to amenities, but one of the most important, is landscaping. A poorly maintained HOA landscape gives off the impression that management doesn’t care for its residents and that they are not worth the investment. On the other hand, taking the time and effort to properly manage your landscaping can lead to a great incentive for current and future residents. Manicured common areas, with places for kids and families to roam, and spacious patios for events. These are but a few of the ways you can utilize your landscaping in boosting the curb appeal of your HOA.  

curb appealHOA Common / Park Areas

In a residential neighborhood, you need attractions for children and families. This could be a mulched jungle gym, with swings and a basketball hoop, or even just a large outdoor patio. You need places for people to gather, and spend time with their neighbors. This will foster a sense of community, and look great when someone takes a drive through the neighborhood. Curb appeal is all about the impression you give off, and the more amenities you offer, the better that impression will be.

Routine Landscape Maintenance

Although this is a bit more general, you can add by subtracting. If your HOA landscape is filled with weeds, you can increase curb appeal just by removing them. Debris, dirt, grime and dead grass give off a poor first impression, and routinely hurt your curb appeal. Taking care of this issue with good mowing, edging, and fertilization practices, can do wonders for your curb appeal.

curb appeal

Install New Hardscapes

Everyone loves great hardscapes. We are talking about retaining walls, to patios, to flagstones. The installation of high quality hardscapes puts a shine on your property that you can’t find anywhere else. Nice pathways from your clubhouse to the parking lot, or even around the community garden (spoiler alert) make your residents and visitors feel like they are in a high end neighborhood with a high end HOA.

Community Garden

Now, if you invest in some general landscaping, working with a landscaper to install the foundations of a garden, filled with annuals, perennials and edible plant material, you can allow your residents to do the rest. Imagine a potential buyer drives through the neighborhood, and sees families planting with one another, having a blast. That is the idea behind a community garden, increasing your sense of community, and thus curb appeal.

Privacy Landscaping

One thing every homeowner loves is privacy. Utilizing trees and shrubs to give off a more high end feeling, especially in a gated community, can make your neighborhood feel secure. Your curb appeal has a lot to do with how safe your property looks and feels, and when you see well kept shrubs and trees blocking your view of the property, people will be curious to see and learn more.

Leave it to the Professionals

At Alexanders Property Maintenance, we specialize in maintaining every aspect of your HOA landscape, with our years of experience. When you use a professional you remove the guesswork, and implement industry proven practices that will boost your property’s curb appeal. Give us a call today.

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