Having trees in your backyard or lawn instantly gives your home a more relaxing vibe as it makes you feel closer to nature. It is even more impressive if the trees in your property are prized for their sturdiness and if they have been around for many generations. However, your trees are always exposed to the elements, which make them vulnerable to damage. This includes those caused by termites, beetles, and other pests. It is important, therefore, to invest in reliable lawn and pest control services to ensure that your valuable trees, and the rest of your garden or backyard, remains lush, healthy, and beautiful. Here are some tree treatments and reasonings that you should consider when looking to maintain your Florida property.

Why Tree Treatments are Important

Like human health care, tree care involves preventative measures that keep plants healthy before they have a chance to develop problems. Preventative care also helps make maintaining your plants more cost-effective and efficient, preventing the need to treat existing conditions.

Through periodic tree assessments that take a look at the plants and their environment, our professionals will be able to diagnose any existing plant health issues and identify any risks that could cause problems to develop later. Based on these assessments, your plant health care specialist will then be able to determine which treatment and control method will work best for your plants.

Tree Fertilization

Since most trees will need fertilization during their lifetime, we want to help make sure your tree gets everything it needs when it needs it. Lawns and other landscaping tend to absorb the larger part of fertilizer that is applied topically making deep root feeding advantageous. Deep root feeding is simply a method of placing the nutrients, in a grid like pattern, below the surface thereby maximizing the absorption by the root hairs. Alexander’s Tree Service will help you properly choose and deliver the correct fertilizer your soil needs to help promote a healthy tree with strong roots.

Fertilizing blindly can be harmful to your trees and your wallet. You should start by having the soil analyzed,many services can determine the pH of soil and the nutrient levels present. Our certified arborists are knowledgeable about the needs of your various trees and can help you make an informed decision as to how to best fertilize to meet their individual needs.

Tree Pest Control

You may spend a lot of time in your yard tackling nuisances such as crabgrass, dandelions, or broadleaf. But your land may be under attack by more than just weeds; it could be infested with other vermin that have their hearts set on destroying your grass and garden.

Just as buildings can be at risk of attack by termites or roaches, lawns can also be in danger of assault by animals that dig up the soil, eat away at the root structure, or simply become an irritant to the outdoors. Insects buried beneath the ground are often a major cause of dying sod, but there are also other creatures that can make it difficult for your grass to grow. So before you try to handle the problem yourself, it’s a good idea to at least consult a professional who can supply you with the best plan of retaliation

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