When it comes to the hotel industry in Florida, the landscaping plays a truly critical role—much more so than in other locations across the United States.

This puts quite a bit of pressure on you.

There are some key reasons why great landscaping at your hotel or resort property is an expectation. Understanding these reasons can help you ensure that you keep guests happy—as well as continually booking at your site.

Here are 5 reasons why guests expect great landscapes at Florida hotels and resorts.

1.) Because They’re Spending More Time Outside

Thanks to our year-round sunny weather, guests that flock to Florida properties are looking to enjoy lots of outdoor time. And because they might be coming from locations where it’s not warm—maybe because of the time of year—they also appreciate the outdoors so much more. They want to see flowers in bloom and lush greenery because for them, back at home, plants are likely in dormancy.

2.) Because Florida and Tropical Landscaping Go Hand-in-Hand

Another expectation when it comes to Florida landscaping are tropical plants. Palm trees, for instance, are such a quintessential “Florida thing” that they’ve almost become a necessity at many resorts. Guests to Florida resorts and hotels want to see beautiful tropical plants that remind them, “I’m on vacation.”

3.) Because They’re Surrounded by Beauty

Another reason that so many Florida hotel guests have come to expect beautiful landscapes on the properties they’re visiting is because they’ve already seen so much beauty here. Think of it as a “keeping up with the Joneses thing.” While that might be frustrating, the fact is, they’ve already visited other beautiful resorts and hotels and they’re going to judge yours against them. Even the smallest and least-expensive hotel properties these days have nice landscaping. It truly is an expectation.

4.) Because They’re Looking at Pictures

There’s no question that guests are checking out pictures of your property online before making a decision about whether or not to stay there. And you can be sure that those pictures will include outdoor shots. Even if you don’t have outdoor photos on your website, with the rise of social media and third-party hotel review sites, former guests will be busy sharing their personal pictures. If potential guests are comparing your hotel site to another of identical caliber—and everything from the room size to the price is similar—a picture of a truly gorgeous outdoor space could be the selling point.

5.) Because of What it Conveys

Finally, you also need to think about what your landscape conveys to potential visitors. A landscape that is barren or unkempt is going to convey a message that your hotel is not doing well (even if it is). It might also convey a message that your hotel’s interior is not very nice. Potential guests will think “if the outside looks like this, the inside must not be much better.”


At the end of the day, your landscaping should be beautiful and welcoming to guests. It should do its job of boosting curb appeal so that when people drive by or see your hotel online they think, “I want to stay there!” Gorgeous landscaping can go incredibly far in helping boost the total success of your property.

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