As a commercial property manager or owner, your current thoughts are always muddled by the daily happenings around your property. Managing an expansive commercial property is no easy task, and there will inevitably be daily issues to attend to. Especially surrounding your landscape, it is easy to get lost in the day to day activities. From maintaining plant beds, to weekly mowing there are a myriad of basic landscaping services that do not make a huge difference in your property, but keep it looking good all year long. However, if you are looking for that big change to wow your tenants and visitors for years to come, it will require a larger investment. Getting both functional and creative, you will want to have a plan for this investment should it be a desire. Here are a few ideas for large landscaping investments that can make a difference on your property in 2022.

Open Air Workspacesbeautiful outdoor patio landscape

The key difference between minor maintenance and large landscaping projects is that the former are going to involve one type of service. These larger investments into your property will usually involve the combination of multiple services into one larger piece of your landscape. One great example with immense value in the purview of the modern workplace, is an open air, outdoor workspace. This can be done at either an office park, residential complex, or even a resort. The combination of an outdoor hardscape, with adequate seating, and surrounded by greenery can provide a great place for tenants and workers alike to be productive. This will be a great amenity, and with the direction most industries are moving with an increase in remote work, could be very juicy for prospective tenants.

Scaled Installation of Trees and Shrubs

For a more long-term investment in a long-term property, you can utilize tree and shrub installation on a large scale. We are not talking about the addition of a few trees here, and shrubs there, this would be a complete overhaul of your property. Addition of trees and shrubs along every walkway, and surrounding the property. As these pieces of plant material grow to maturity, your property will begin to appear the same. Eloquent and mature, the value of your property will increase, as it becomes more private and luxurious. While it may seem like this is a short-term loss, smart money will see the value in these large landscaping investments.

Front Entrance and Signage

Vital to the look of your property, especially as a resort, or residential complex. This is the first impression of your property, and should be done very well. Complete overhaul should be on your list, especially if you are not happy with the current design. Sweeping services are great to keep the surroundings clean, but do not overlook the addition of plant material all around the entrance. Active rotation and maintenance of this plant material will make for maximized color all year round. Consider adding a small hardscape to the area around the entrance for closer inspection, or the placement of potted plants. Overall, ensure that your entrance is well lit, maintained, and colorful to make tenants and visitors feel more at home.

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