Palm Tree Trimming- Services That Save You Time And Money

There are a few pieces of landscape material in Florida that are considered staples of the state. Iconic in the sunshine state, palm trees are not only found on so many properties, the state tree itself is a palm. Trees in general are essential pieces of any commercial landscape, providing structure, privacy, and nutrients. Keeping […]

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Year-Round Perennials That Are Easy To Grow

While any landscape can look well maintained, as long as the turf is mowed, and the trees are healthy, simple maintenance may sometimes feel boring. Truly special landscapes are innovative and creative when setting themselves apart from the rest. One way to do this is with the addition of color through flower installation. However, this […]

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How To Fertilize Lawns & Grass The Right Way

At Alexander’s, we typically work with large commercial clients, who possess expansive pieces of lawn. It is of great importance to our clients that we keep these lawns lush and green, as they are a centerpiece of the property. This requires a combination of services, as simply mowing is not enough to keep the turf […]

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Overview of the Properties We Serve

At Alexander’s Property Management, we specialize in managing large commercial properties in our local area. This is a very specialized type of client, and starkly different from the typical residential landscaping companies you see all over the place. These properties are not only large, but complex, requiring a combination of routine services to function properly. […]

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Who We Serve

Selecting the Right Property Management Company

As the end of the year rolls around there are a multitude of tasks that need to be completed by property managers and property owners alike. The new year brings around many new challenges, but also evaluation of challenges from the previous year. This means that it may be time to take a look at […]

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4 Fall Landscaping Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Taking an inventory of your landscape as the summer season comes to a close, you may be thinking about all the ways to make your property feel more like fall. While on a residential property this may be the addition of some decorations, the same cannot be said of a commercial property. This can be […]

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colorful landscape

Large Landscaping Investments for 2022

As a commercial property manager or owner, your current thoughts are always muddled by the daily happenings around your property. Managing an expansive commercial property is no easy task, and there will inevitably be daily issues to attend to. Especially surrounding your landscape, it is easy to get lost in the day to day activities. […]

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beautiful outdoor patio landscape

Make a Memorable Landscape

As a homeowner, property owner, or landscaper your goal is to create a property that creates memories. Whether it be a new family looking for a home in your residential complex, or a tenant of your office park thinking back to a night on the patio, you want to be remembered. This is how you […]

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A street Sweeping truck

Benefits of Sweeping Services

As a commercial property management company, we provide a myriad of services to our clients. From landscape maintenance to irrigation services, property managers must manage not only their property but their relationships with various vendors who provide differing services. This can become problematic, as some vendors are of a higher quality than others. In an […]

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Man Spraying for pest control

Beyond Mowing- Lawn Care Services

Right in line with a thought process we often find among those hesitant to engage in property maintenance services, or who do not value their landscape, many do not realize there is more to lawn care beyond mowing. Nobody will combat the idea that a well-trimmed lawn looks great, or that it is not a […]

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