Is Privacy Important to You?

Creative landscape design helps to transform your backyard into a home-based vacation destination. With all that outdoor living, you want to be sure you can enjoy your yard privately and in peace. Great privacy screens for your yard provide solutions with multiple benefits: increased privacy, beautiful landscaping and added value to your property. Check out these clever landscape ideas for privacy to create an oasis that will protect you from prying eyes, loud sounds and help you create serene outdoor rooms for work or for play.

  1. A Living Screen: Privacy Without the Claustrophobia

You can build a living screen that provides both beauty and privacy. Whether you want to hide a fence or soften a wall, the custom planter “mulched” with white stones create a Zen-like look. Bamboo canes make an architectural statement against the backdrop of the fence, and allowing it to leaf out at the top is a great way to add extra height to a very tall screen. There are multiple varieties of bamboo that are perfect but should be kept in a raised bed or container to avoid becoming invasive.

  1. Elevated Lattice: Extending the Visual Privacy of Fencing and Walls

Due to structural limitations and zoning, you can’t always build a tall-enough wall around an outdoor kitchen or living room to fully block the view of your patio. It’s common to see lattice tops on privacy fences, but you can also add it to the top of walls for maximum height. This design is more solid, but open-work lattice also provides privacy while adding a bit of airiness.

  1. Covered Patio: A little more Expensive

This is a pricier option. By adding this large structure over the patio, the homeowners have created a nice, private seating area. Perfect for hosting large groups of people in your spacious, private, well seated backyard.

  1. Large Trees and Bushes: Long Term Guarantee

Having trees planted in areas that allow for maximum privacy allows for a natural, beautiful wall between you and whatever it is you are hiding from at the moment, Unfortunately this plan may take many years for the tree to grow, so in the meantime think about shrubs and bushes. If you have a patio or backyard area that would benefit from the installation of these natural objects, let us at Alexanders, as we are more than happy to consult and work with you on and Landscape Installation project.

Engage a Professional: Pros for a Reason

Whenever engaged in any Landscape Design or Installation, a professional will always be a sure thing. Taking your precious time or risking amateur mistakes can be very costly in the long run. Mistakes can compound and prices can skyrocket when you DIY, which is why choosing a company like us at Alexanders is always the safest option.

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