3 Irrigation Tips for your Florida Property

As the summer heat closes in, keeping your property lush and green has to be a top priority. For property owners and property managers, preventing your grass from dying is no easy task in the heavy Florida heat. One way to alleviate the stress of constant watering is by installing an irrigation system. Assuming you do not have one installed, there are many benefits. Increased efficiency leads to less waste, increasing your cushion on the bottom-line. Irrigation also ensures that your yard retains adequate nutrients, leaving nothing up to chance. Now, with that being said, we have put together some great irrigation tips we hope can help you through this hot Florida summer.

Inspect your current Irrigation System

If you are currently employing any sort of irrigation system on your property, you could be making simple mistakes. Utilizing yourself, or employing a professional to give your system a thorough check-up can be the first step in proper maintenance. Your timers could be off ever so slightly, or you could not be taking into account natural rainfall. You also want to ensure that your sprinkler system is covering the adequate and correct portions of your lawn. Whatever the case may be, preventative maintenance can be the difference between summer fun, or a summer headache.

irrigation tips

Know your Plant Material

Whether it is your turf, shrubs, or trees, each piece of greenery is going to have variable irrigation needs. One size fits all may seem to work, but could be causing damage to your plants. When it comes to common Florida grasses, we see quite a bit of St. Augustine. This particular turf requires about 1 and a half inches of water a week, but it is important to note that this is a combination of natural rainfall and supplemental irrigation. However, some grasses are more drought tolerant, like Zoysia. These grasses will need less watering, as Zoysia only needs an inch per week at most. While this may seem simple, tracking exactly what plants need how much watering, can simplify your irrigation process, and leave guesswork behind.

Leave it to a Professional

If you want the best quality irrigation for your Florida property this summer, you’re going to want to take on an irrigation professional. Commercial property maintenance companies, like Alexander’s, are well equipped to handle the needs of a sprawling property, filled with greenery. Not only can this be more cost-effective, as you leave the liability on our head, we are confident that you will see an increase in efficiency, cutting costly mistakes. Our irrigation technicians are highly trained, and we hold them to the highest standards.

Whether it be your irrigation needs, or any other, do not hesitate to think about Alexander’s.

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