It is true that every commercial property needs to be updated. The landscape needs to be enhanced so that the property can stay competitive in winning business, whether that be customers or tenants. This can be disheartening for property owners, thinking that they have to shell out a fortune for a landscape design makeover. Well, the good news is that this is not the only way to improve your landscape, and there are actually a bunch of small things you can do that will have a grand impact. We wanted to use this blog to highlight some of those small projects you can take on that will render big results for your property.

Sod Installation

Everybody knows that a high-quality lawn is essential to the face of the property. To compete with other properties in Florida, where the weather is warm and conditions are ripe, dead grass is not acceptable. However, if you find yourself in this predicament then hope is not lost. If you want to avoid the long and strenuous process of seeding the affected areas, with the potential for them to be disturbed and never grow, we have a solution. Sod is a simple installation of pre-cut turf squares that can be looking like a brand-new lawn in less than a month. This is a great option for anyone looking to freshen up the lawn.

Mulch Installation

Out of all the “small projects” on this list, this one might provide the biggest results. If you don’t currently have mulch on your property, you are missing out, and it needs to be installed. Landscape beds without mulch look bare because they are. When you add a layer of organic mulch, you add a layer of defense for your plants and their roots. Mulch prevents soil erosion and weed growth, while also insulating your soil from harsh weather. Additionally, it looks great and will decompose over time adding nutrients to your soil. This organic matter increases biodiversity and keeps landscape beds looking clean and structured.

Annual Flower Installation and Rotation

In terms of small projects, it does not get smaller than annual flowers. These flowers are known for their propensity to go through their entire life cycle in one season, ready to be replaced immediately following their death. The beauty of annual flowers is that you can have a dedicated space for them in your plant beds, and replace them each season with bright new colors reminiscent of the season’s theme. You can also prioritize native annual flowers that will be extremely low maintenance, making the project even smaller. These varieties will often also attract local wildlife like butterflies and bees, giving life to your landscape. For specific annual flowers to install in your Florida landscape, feel free to give our team a call, we would love to help.

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