Well, the year 2023 is now upon us. What does that mean for us, as landscapers? And you, as a property manager? It means that we are in for a year of new trends, more maintenance, and hopefully more customers for your commercial business. Even for us as your local landscaping company, the latter is the real goal. The entire point of commercial property maintenance and landscaping is to improve curb appeal so that the perception of your property leads more individuals to spend their money with you. Taking care of your tenants with green grass and updated enhancements always lead to greater satisfaction and higher retention rates. Furthermore, these same amenities will be an easy sell on that next walkthrough of the property with prospective tenants. We wanted to use this blog to give you a few ideas on how to get off on the right foot this new year with a fresh look.

New Year, Fresh LookLacking Color? Annual Flower Rotation

If there is one consistency in Florida properties, it is the wealth of color they offer due to the numerous native plants we are so lucky to have. A lack of color on your property means you are trailing behind the pack, but annual flower rotation can take you right to the front. Many of your competitors probably use perennial flowers to add basic greenery, and the occasional bloom for a small part of the year. While perennials can surely be utilized, we recommend annual flowers for more consistent and flashy colors all year long. These plants go through an entire life cycle in just one short season. This means they grow, bloom, and die in just a quarter of the year. That way you can select plants by the season, instead of by the year. Rotation of these flowers also increases the biodiversity of your soil, which leads to healthier plant material overall. Imagine choosing a nice purple for the spring, and moving into a bright orange in the fall. With annuals, your property will feel like the season and the place to be for your customers.

Add Privacy with Landscape Installation

Have you ever driven by an exclusive property that was blocked off from view with a line of large plant material? This line of trees and shrubs gave the landscape a luxurious yet mysterious look that just made you want to know what was inside. Well, this idea does not need to be exclusive to country clubs and golf courses. Your apartment complex, HOA, or office park can use this same concept to give your tenants some well-deserved privacy. As these trees and shrubs grow their maturity will add to the property value, and privacy will only improve. As a long-term investment, you cannot go wrong with trees and shrubs.

Feed Turf with Fertilization

Although we are blessed with warm temperatures all year long, the wintertime is still the weakest point for your turf. This is still when nutrients are less accessible, and predators like disease and pests are looking to strike. Simply put, fertilization gives you a boost of nutrients right at the beginning of the year, so spring growth can come quickly.

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