With a new year, it’s time for a new outlook when it comes to your Florida property. When it comes to your landscape, one buzz phrase you may have been hearing recently is “low-maintenance.” Nobody wants to spend their free time working on their landscape, rather enjoying time in and around it. By employing more low-maintenance landscaping concepts into your property, you can decrease the time you have to spend performing time-consuming mundane tasks, and increase the time you have to enjoy your landscape. Whether you are an HOA, a property owner, or even just in your own backyard, everyone can benefit from a low-maintenance landscape. Save time and money when you employ these low-maintenance landscaping tips.

Mulch: Easy to Maintain

While mulch looks great in your yard, it is a very versatile beneficiary to your lawn. When you use it for your beds, you no longer have to mow or trim that area. Organic mulch such as wood chips will break down and add precious nutrients to your soil, with no extra work required. Mulch reduces weeds, reduces water loss, and protects your soil from erosion and compacting. Inorganic mulches such as rock or rubber can have their benefits as well, although organic mulch would be our primary recommendation. 

Try Native Plants

It never hurts to use plants accustomed to your climate, and in doing so you will greatly reduce the efforts needed to maintain them. They will require less water, less fertilization, and less pest control, as you will not need to compensate for the weather. Living in Florida, you have a wide variety of good-looking plant materials to choose from, so why not take advantage?

Native Grass Selection

In the same vein, employing native grasses such as Zoysia and St. Augustine will greatly reduce the necessary maintenance time. Although you may already have these types of grass on your property, educating yourself on their specific needs never hurts.

Florida low maintenance landscaping

Pots and Planters 

For certain areas on your property, you may be more inclined to make use of pots and planters. These are a great way to add beautiful greenery to patios, or hardscapes, and require little more than watering to keep them looking stunning.


Water is an essential part of your landscape, and if you do not have an automatic irrigation system installed, you are missing out. Manually turning sprinklers on and off is outdated. With an irrigation system, you can ensure peak optimization and efficiency. You will conserve water, reduce your bill and save precious time. At Alexander’s Property Maintenance, we can ensure that all of your irrigation needs are handled so that you don’t have to worry about your property.

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