At Alexander’s Property Maintenance, we deal with a wide variety of properties, but very commonly work with local HOA’s. Oftentimes, we find HOA boards are making tough decisions about where to allocate their resources when it comes to landscaping. The responsibility of managing the budget, and maintaining the support of your members is a top priority. When considering this, saving money is at the forefront of your mind. To alleviate some of this stress, we have gathered some budget friendly landscaping tips for your HOA to implement in 2021.

Choose the Right Shrubs

When it comes to choosing the bushes and shrubs to install in your HOA neighborhood, it is important to consider maintenance. Choosing something that is mature, and slow growing. Many of these shrubs require pruning and shaping only once a year near during the growing season as opposed to monthly. This can save you time and money all year long.

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Invest in Mulch

Wherever you can, mulch will always beat grass when it comes to maintenance. It requires no watering, no mowing and is very inexpensive. It can be bought in bulk, and when it breaks down, it fertilizes your plants, and prevents unwanted weeds. These beds are great for your plants and cut down on costs like nothing else.

Make use of Native Plants

In the same way that choosing a turf or grass native to your area is essential to landscape success, the same rings true with native Florida plants. Choosing something accustomed to, or built for the tropical Florida climate will keep water costs down, pruning time low and native plants will always be more accessible than others.

Install a Hardscape

One of the lowest maintenance pieces of your landscape is always going to be stone. Whether that be a new patio, a fountain or HOA entryway, these stone hardscapes are always going to require less maintenance than your “softscape” or any of the living, organic pieces of your landscape. Replacing a big patch of grass with a patio full of potted plants, is always going to be a time saver for you or your landscape contractor. Consider this, as the upfront cost is high, but the durability is there.

Water Conservation

Irrigation is a key part of any HOA landscape, and making sure that not only you have lucious, green grass, but that your irrigation is up to date, and efficient should be your goal. Having a professional take a look at your irrigation can not only prevent future problems, necessitating future maintenance, but can help you save money on water consumption. Reducing your water bill is a great way to save money that can be put towards all of these budget friendly landscaping ideas.

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