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Hurricane Ian has left its devastation behind.

To help return our clients to their normal lives,  Alexander’s is sending out crews to help with clearing debris and downed trees.

The types of debris left behind by a hurricane

After a hurricane, it is common to find a lot of debris. Homeowners must be careful to avoid injuries. The debris left after a hurricane consists of fallen trees, damaged roofs, fallen fences, broken windows, flooded vehicles, and more. Homeowners should wear gloves and protective eyewear to protect themselves from sharp objects that might remain after the storm. Fallen trees can pose a threat as well. To clear the debris, homeowners first need to assess the situation. They must take down the damaged trees before clearing any structural damages, such as damaged roofs, gutters, or siding. Homeowners can use chainsaws to cut the trees into smaller pieces. This makes it easier to clear away the debris and dispose of it. Then, they can remove the nails and debris from damaged roofs. Next, they can remove the fallen trees and branches from their yard or driveway. Afterward, they can dispose of the debris.

Staying safe during cleanup

When cleaning up after a hurricane, it is important to stay safe. Wear protective gear. Wear long pants and long sleeves to protect your arms from debris. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet. Also wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. Keep a lookout for downed power lines or loose tree branches that could cause harm.

Call in a professional

The best way to clean up a yard after a storm is to contact a professional. At Alexander’s, we will know how to remove large branches, trees, and any debris that has damaged your property. In addition, a professional will clear your yard quickly. Professionals have trucks and equipment to get the job done quickly and safely. If you try to clean up the damage yourself, you could hurt yourself or damage your property further. In addition, you could have a friend or family member help you with the cleanup, but a professional will have the tools and experience to finish the project quickly. Call Alexander’s today if you need a professional to clean up your landscape.

Call Today If You Need A Professional To Remove Debris!

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