If you are the manager of a commercial property in the Florida area, there is no doubt that your lawn is a primary concern. It is the centerpiece of your property and a primary attraction of potential business, clients, or new tenants. With that being said we all know what a great lawn looks like, namely one that is lush, green, and well maintained. However there are many threats that your lawn simultaneously faces in its quest for healthy growth. Disease, pests, and weeds are all ready to attack your healthy lawn. The latter is our primary area of concern, as invasive plant species can come into your lawn and take it over. These weeds must be stamped out or else risk the entirety of your turf being infested. The best way to avoid weeds is active prevention, however some are sure to get through and must be pulled. Here is how to prevent and pull weeds in your Florida lawn.

Prevention: Health is Wealth

Although it may seem obvious many people do not realize that the easiest way to avoid weeds in your lawn, is with healthy turf. Turf that is in peak form will be drastically less likely to let in an invasive species, and defenses will be built to stop a potential infestation. This means partaking in lawn maintenance methods such as fertilization and pest control. Fertilization is the direct addition of nutrients to your soil that contribute to the chemical processes that strengthen your turf and initiate growth. The more nutrients available for these processes to function, and in storage, the better off your turf will be when fighting off weeds. Fertilization should be performed in both the spring and fall, giving your lawn a boost of nutrients at critical times of the year. Additionally, a lawn that is mowed and edged will be less susceptible to the attacks of weeds. Pest control services will keep out pests with pre-emergent treatments, and although you may think pests and weeds are unrelated this is not the case. Lawn issues often compound on top of one another, with a pest weakened turfgrass becoming vulnerable to a local weed. Ensure your commercial lawn is well maintained and you will have less to worry about when it comes to potential weed problems.

Weed Removal: Methods

Now, it is unlikely that a weed will never creep into your property. Lawn weeds can be trickier as well when considering they may not be as obvious as weeds in a plant bed. Broadleaf weeds are easy to spot as they have a distinct look compared to turf. Dandelions are a good example of this. However, turfgrass weeds can be dangerous as many grow similarly to the turfgrass you may have in your lawn. Crabgrass and nutsedge are great universal examples as they are hard to identify in an overgrown yard. If there are only a couple of weeds, ensure that when you hand pull you get out the entire root, or else it may grow back. If your weed problems are much more prevalent you may need to take a trip to your local landscape supply and receive a consultation for some chemical solutions. Chemical options these days are much safer than in the past, and will likely do no harm to your turf.

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