It has never been a secret that lawn care is the key to commercial landscaping success. Not only is it the first impression anyone will receive of the property, it probably takes up the most space. This means that bare spots and brown patches will be more noticeable than a failed bloom of decayed tree limbs. When individuals are deciding whether they want to spend thousands of dollars to remain tenants of your property, these are the criteria upon which your outdoor space will be judged. The only course of action is to make sure that at least your lawn is so overwhelmingly healthy that it looks gorgeous all year long. Spring is the best time to start, with fertilization the surefire way to go. This blog will address why it is so important.

Understanding Soil Health: Importance for Turf

The location of your turf roots is within the soil. This is where the nutrients are located, and roots develop deeply in search of them. Thus, the health of your soil is forever intertwined with the health and look of your turf. Soil health is determined by acidity, the presence of organic matter, and biodiversity. The more variation you have in terms of nutrient types within the soil, the harder it will be for just one to become depleted and damage turf. Fertilization as a process is the injection of these nutrients directly into the soil where roots are looking for them. Doing this on a routine basis keeps soil consistently fed, and teaches your roots to develop deeper in search of them. Soil can also be hindered by infestation from pests, such as chinch bugs or white grubs. These critters will burrow underground and chew on the roots of your turf until they die, or on the actual blades of grass themselves. If these pests take hold in your landscape, pest control must be performed to maintain soil health.

What is Lawn Fertilization?

When it comes to fertilization, any plant material can be the subject. Flowers, shrubs, and trees can all be given nutrients for a boost of health. For turf specifically, lawn fertilizers are composed of three nutrients. Nitrogen is the first and enhances your turf by literally making turf a deeper green. Phosphorus is all about optimizing the intake of sunlight and supporting the photosynthesis process that turns that light into energy. Potassium is the final nutrient component that allows the energy to be better stored for future growth. When a lawn fertilizer presents itself as a series of three numbers such as (15-15-15), these three numbers are quantities of the aforementioned nutrients in the same order. 

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization this Spring

As can be gathered from the information we have provided so far, fertilization adds nutrients to your turf, and these nutrients help your turf grow healthy and strong. Performing this fertilization in the springtime each year is a best practice, as this is the ideal time to motivate new growth. Although the weather in Florida is great all year round, there will still be an increase in foot traffic and visitors, which is primetime to impress as a commercial property manager.

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