The state tree of Florida. Palm trees always have been and forever will be a signature sight across the sunshine state. Although they do not provide the most shade in the world, they sure are pretty. If you are a commercial property owner, it is more than likely you have at least one, if not multiple palms on your property. They might be of differing varieties, but at the end of the day, palm tree maintenance is fairly similar across the board. And, as we move into springtime you are sure to see an uptick in growth across the landscape. In order to prepare for this with your palms specifically, we have gathered everything you need.

Palm Tree Fertilization

At Alexander’s, we do not like to deal in guesswork. This is exactly what you are doing if you choose not to fertilize your plant material. While we are blessed in Florida to enjoy a climate with ample nutrients all year round, the only way to ensure that nutrients get where they need to is with fertilizer. This injects them straight into the soil right near the root systems that need them. Oftentimes this is not even about motivating new growth, but giving the tree the nutrients it needs to fend off potential predators, like pests. The disease will also have a much tougher time taking over the tree when confronted with a well-defended palm.

 Get Your Palms Ready For Spring!Pest Inspection and Control

Like any other plant material, palms show obvious signs of a pest infestation. If you notice the palm begin to wither, wilt, begin to yellow, or start to show webbing, you could have a pest problem. Many insects love to infest palm trees, including scale insects, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, mealybugs, and mites. This is why it is a good idea to take some time this winter and thoroughly inspect your palm trees for any of these signs. If you do not trust yourself to do this, a certified arborist from our team can certainly oblige. Should you encounter a pest infestation, our team can also apply pest control treatments that are sure to kill off the offending critter. 

Get Your Palms Ready For Spring!Palm Tree Trimming Before Spring

The final piece of maintenance you need to engage in right before the spring is trimming. Also referred to as pruning – this is the process of removing unnecessary foliage to make room for new, healthier growth. Many people think this only needs to be done when part of the tree takes on decay or disease, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While that is one of the reasons pruning should be performed, it is also a best practice for the aesthetic of the palm tree. You can direct growth in the direction you desire, and the tree will look cleaner with less foliage. Trimming also reduces the risk of weak foliage flying off in stormy weather, which we have plenty of here in Florida.

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