At the tail end of the winter season, homeowners face the sometimes daunting but always exciting prospect of readying the lawn for the warmer months ahead. From cleaning to mowing to seeding, proper spring lawn care encompasses a range of responsibilities. All are important. Remember that cutting corners now could mean that at the peak of summer, you’ll be spending your weekends making up for spring lawn care oversights. In other words, it’s in your best interest to act now. Stay on top of the game to ensure healthy and beautiful grass that demands no more of your time than is strictly necessary. Here are some things you should be doing in the spring, that if you don’t, you may regret come summer. Don’t have regrets and get started early


Dead grass and lawn clippings accumulate and get matted down into thatch, which not only prevents the germination of new grass seed, but also promotes fungus growth and pest infestation. Dethatch the lawn by giving it a good once-over, using either a lawn rake with stiff tines or a special dethatching rake.

Soil Testing

To grow grass successfully, you need the right soil. Most varieties thrive in conditions that are neither acidic nor alkaline. Methods exist to raise or lower soil pH, but you’ve got to know what you’re dealing with. Purchase a soil test kit for around $10 from your neighborhood garden store, or send a soil sample to your local extension office.


If your grass is patchy, you may consider overseeding, or wait for grass to fill in on it’s own. This will take longer but is recommended if you’ve recently applied weed control products (wait at least a month before seeding after using herbicides).


Apply spring fertilizer roughly three weeks after grass starts greening (that usually corresponds to the time following two or three mows). Apply too early and you risk feeding weeds and creating fertilizer runoff. Too-early applications also trigger lush blade growth at a time when roots may not have started their spring growth spurt.

Spring is a sensitive time for your yard – the soil is spongy, the plants are tender, and the weather is unpredictable. Your lawn will thank you for being gentle this time of year, but it will also thank you for addressing a few important spring tasks. These simple spring activities can prevent months of headaches in the much warmer seasons, and prime your lawn for beauty all year.

If you feel like you need any help with these lawn care activities, Alexander’s is here to help. At Alexander’s, we get that lawn care is both an art and a science. Our professional lawn treatments will address key aspects of concern such as lawn fertilization (with granular or liquid products). This will help feed your lawn and provide the nutrients that it needs to perform its best.

In addition, our annual fertilization programs also extend to tree and shrub care. Contrary to popular belief, trees and shrubs are not “self-sustaining,” and often require some extra help in order to continue to look and perform their best. You can include the ongoing fertilization of your trees and shrubs as part of your fertilization plan for a complete and beautiful landscape.

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