As nice as it would be for our landscapes to manage themselves, this is not the case. Mother nature provides nutrients and organic matter to your plant material on her own, but sometimes more work is needed. This is often in the form of additional services, beyond the typically understood mowing and edging required on every property. While natural and organic options are great, oftentimes chemicals need to be involved. With the great weather in Florida meaning it serves as home to pests and disease, your landscape needs treatments to strengthen and maintain health. Lawn fertilization is a great way to artificially add needed nutrients, just as pest control keeps away dangerous critters. Furthermore, tree treatments keep your large plant material well fed. There are many misconceptions about chemical treatments in your landscape, and we are here to shed light on the many benefits they provide.

Lawn Fertilization: Necessary NutrientsCommercial Landscape Treatments: Fertilization and Pest Control

In this blog, we are specifically discussing commercial properties. There is nothing more important on a commercial property in Florida than the lawn. This is the initial insight that an individual gathers of your landscape, and they will make subconscious judgments based upon it. For a lawn to look good, it must be healthy. The roots of your turf gather nutrients from the soil, which can sometimes be hit or miss. For a sure thing, adding nutrients artificially is your best bet. Lawn fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which all contribute to the health of your turf. Fertilized turf will be better prepared to fight off disease, and is more likely to be lush and green.

Pest Control Treatments: Problematic Pests

As we mentioned before, the climate of Florida is not just great for humans, but also for pests. There are a few lawn pests prominent in the Florida area, namely chinch bugs, white grubs, and various worms. If left unbothered, these pests can cause damage to your turf resulting in death and decay. Brown patches may begin to appear even though lawn maintenance is actively being performed, and turf is watered. Unchecked death and decay in your lawn is a probable result if pest control is not performed. Our team is rostered with Certified Pest Control Operators who are trained to spot and treat pest issues. We use a blanket-coated process while focusing on long-term prevention. These insecticide treatments are perfectly safe and effective when applied by a professional, like our team at Alexander’s.

Tree Treatments: Often Overlooked

Many property owners and managers view large plant material as “plant and play.” People do not realize there is maintenance required to keep trees and shrubs healthy. Growth to maturity is the maximum value this material can provide, so you are incentivized to get it there. Full-grown trees and shrubs can provide privacy, and be a valuable amenity to guests. It is also likely that large trees and shrubs will add to the value of your property. Trees can be both fertilized and treated for pests. Like our lawn pest control services, these treatments will prevent pests from even beginning to infest your trees. Fertilization will add much-needed nutrients to non-native trees, which may have been planted far away from their natural soil. Leaving these landscape treatments on the table does your property a disservice, so feel free to contact our team today.

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